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The key to real change is following God, following His ways, His wisdom and through His guidance. It’s time to move in the right direction, God’s direction. Be part of this growing movement of Christians that shed light on the importance of biblical values.

Every election is a Spiritual Battle

Do we vote with Christian values or the world's value in mind? Let's hear Ptr. JP Masakayan's testimony.

Bishop Noel Pantoja's invitation message

Nawawalan ka na ba ng pag-asa para sa Pilipinas?

Inaasam mo rin ba ang tunay na pagbabago para sa ating bansa? Pakinggan natin si Ms. Venus Raj.

Do you have the desire to change our nation?

We all have the desire to see our country thrive economically, and develop exponentially. It can be a reality and you can be part of it!

Paano nga ba pumili ng lider na naaayon sa Salita ng Diyos?

Sa kabi-kabilang diskusyon at mga kumakalat na pekeng impormasyon, sino nga ba ang tama?

Hangad mo ba ang magandang bayan?

Ikaw ba ay naghahangad ng magandang bayan? Oras na para kumilos! Kailangan tayong magtulong-tulong para mapigilan ang kabulukan sa ating bayan.

Many people elect leaders based on personality, popularity, one’s personal affinity, or perhaps misplaced hope in a candidate’s promise, but God’s ways have always been based on a person’s character. The kind of leader we choose is critical, and we must strive to elect leaders God would approve of. Leaders of good character and competence. Leaders who stand for justice. Leaders who are willing to be held accountable. Leaders who uphold biblical family values. A movement based on Christian values is one way to secure hope for our children and the generations to come.


Many of us desire to see change in the Philippines,
but how many of us are willing to take the difficult steps
necessary to achieve it?

At the Christian Values Movement, we believe
that true and lasting change is possible for our nation,
and it starts with giving ordinary citizens just like us, who want to stand firm
for Biblical values and godly governance, a united voice.
A voice so loud that it can no longer be ignored. 

We are not a political party, nor are we a ministry.
We are a movement – a movement formed to pursue the vision
of Biblical values being embraced and lived out
We believe that through the united effort of God-fearing individuals,
and by educating others on the Biblical way to vote for government leaders,
we can be a force of positive change
in our country,
for our country,
and for God’s glory.

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